BMW Cars, All Models, Prices, Features, and Their Specifications in Pakistan

BMW Cars, All Models, Prices, Features, and their Specifications in Pakistan

Explore the world of BMW and experience their unmatched power & performance. From sport bikes to cruisers, find your perfect ride & embrace the thrill of the road.
In addition, there are several BMW readily available in pre-owned condition, with prices ranging from PKR 23,000,000 for a used PKR 71,000,000for a pre-owned. A variety of items are offered for trade in Pakistan On
Overall, BMW is a good brand in Pakistan buy their Vehicles.

About BMW

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is a renowned German automotive and motorcycle manufacturer. The company has a rich heritage in producing high-quality motorcycles known for their performance, precision engineering, and innovative features. BMW bikes offer a wide range of models designed for various riding preferences, from sporty and adventurous to touring and urban commuting.


From Aircraft Engines to Wheels (1916-1928):
  • 1916: Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke (BFW) is founded, focusing on aircraft engines during World War I. This lays the foundation for the company’s engineering prowess.
  • 1917: BFW is renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW). In 1918, it starts producing motorcycles, like the iconic R 32, establishing a legacy of two-wheeled performance.
  • 1928: BMW enters the car market with the Dixi, a rebadged Austin Seven. This marks the beginning of their journey into the world of four-wheeled automobiles.
Pre-War Era and Defining Designs (1929-1939):
  • 1933: The legendary BMW 303 is born, marking a shift towards independent design and showcasing their growing expertise in car manufacturing.
  • 1936: The BMW 328, a sleek and powerful sports car, arrives, winning numerous races and solidifying BMW’s reputation for performance and handling.
  • 1937: The luxurious BMW 320 is introduced, further expanding their market reach and establishing themselves as a force in the luxury car segment.
Wartime Challenges and Recovery (1939-1945):
  • World War II: BMW focuses on aircraft engine production again, contributing to the war effort. The company faces significant challenges during and after the war.
  • 1948: BMW resumes car production with the pre-war 326 model, gradually rebuilding its operations and reputation.
Post-War Boom and Growth (1948-1970):
  • 1951: The iconic “Neue Klasse” sedans, like the 1800 and 2000, are introduced, offering sporty handling, modern design, and competitive pricing, propelling BMW towards significant growth.
  • 1962: The first BMW 7 Series, the luxury flagship, arrives, marking their entry into the top tier of the automotive market.
  • 1968: The legendary BMW 2002 arrives, further establishing their reputation for sporty performance and becoming a cult classic.
Continued Innovation and Global Expansion (1970-Present):
  • 1973: The first BMW M car, the M5, is unveiled, showcasing their commitment to high-performance driving. The M badge becomes synonymous with motorsport-inspired engineering and thrilling driving experiences.
  • 1980s-2000s: BMW expands its lineup with diverse models like the 3 Series Touring, the Z3 roadster, and the X5 SUV, catering to various lifestyle needs and market segments.
  • 2010s-Present: BMW continues to push boundaries with electric vehicles like the i3 and i8, while also emphasizing advanced driver-assistance systems and connectivity features. Their focus on luxury, performance, and technology keeps them at the forefront of the automotive industry.


  • Powerful engines: BMW offers a wide range of engines, from turbocharged four-cylinders to twin-turbocharged V8s, all delivering exhilarating power and acceleration. For example, the M8 Gran Coupe Competition boasts a 617-horsepower V8 that can propel the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds.
  • Precise handling: BMW’s focus on handling is evident in every aspect of their cars, from the finely tuned suspension to the responsive steering. The cars feel planted and composed even when pushed hard, giving drivers a feeling of complete control.
  • Advanced technology: BMW incorporates cutting-edge technology into its cars to further enhance performance. Features like adaptive suspension, variable-ratio steering, and launch control all work together to make the driving experience as exhilarating as possible.


  • Four-cylinders:These are the most common engines in BMW’s lineup, and they offer a good balance of power and fuel efficiency. They come in both turbocharged and non-turbocharged versions, and they’re available in a variety of models, from the 2 Series to the X3.
  • Six-cylinders: BMW is known for its legendary inline-six engines, which are smooth, powerful, and refined. They’re available in both gasoline and diesel versions, and they’re offered in a variety of models, from the 3 Series to the 7 Series.
  • V8s: BMW’s V8 engines are the ultimate in performance and luxury. They offer exhilarating power and a thrilling driving experience. They’re available in a limited number of models, such as the M5 and M8.
  • Electric motors: BMW is also a leader in electric vehicle technology. Their i lineup of electric cars and plug-in hybrids offer excellent performance and efficiency. The i3i4iX, and iX3 are all powered by electric motors.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel capacity of BMW varies depending on the model.
  • BMW 330e: This plug-in hybrid sedan can get up to 28 mpg combined, with an electric range of up to 23 miles.
  • BMW X3 xDrive30d: This SUV gets up to 33 mpg combined, making it a good option for those who need a fuel-efficient SUV.
  • BMW iX: This SUV has an EPA-estimated range of up to 324 miles, making it a great choice for those who want a long-range electric car
  • BMW i4: This Gran Coupe has an EPA-estimated range of up to 272 miles, making it a good choice for those who want a sporty and fuel-efficient electric car.


BMW 2 Series
PKR 3.4 crore
BMW X3 Series
PKR 4.5 crore
PKR 4.7 crore
BMW i4
PKR 5.1 – 6.0 crore
PKR 5.2 crore
BMW 5 Series
PKR 5.3 crore
BMW X5 Series
PKR 5.9 crore
PKR 7.1 crore
PKR 7.3 – 7.6 crore
PKR 9.9 crore
BMW 7 Series
PKR 17.7 – 23.5 crore

Popular BMW Models in Pakistan

ModelEngineFuel Efficiency
BMW 3 Series
2.0L Turbocharged Petrol14-16
BMW 5 Series
2.0L Turbocharged Petrol13-15
2.0L Turbocharged Petrol12-15
2.0L Turbocharged Petrol12-14
3.0L Twin-Turbocharged Petrol10-12
BMW 7 Series
3.0L Turbocharged Petrol11-13

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The displacement can be anything between 0.7 L and 1.5 L. This DOHC 4-valve per cylinder engine is powered by a timing chain head and has multipoint fuel injection or direct injection, turbocharging in some models, and hybrid electric technology.

Suzuki vehicles are produced in a number of nations worldwide. The countries with production facilities include Thailand, India, Hungary, and Japan.

In some markets, Suzuki does indeed sell hybrid vehicles. A prime illustration is the Suzuki Swift Hybrid. However, Suzuki does not yet offer a fully electric vehicle as of the deadline of September 2021, to the best of my knowledge.

 The Suzuki Alto is the company’s most fuel-efficient vehicle model, With an average fuel efficiency of 20 km/liter.

The 2024 Suzuki Every will be the next generation of Suzuki cars.

In Pakistan, the Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Vitz, Suzuki Vitara, Suzuki Swift, and Suzuki Wagon R are the models that are most in demand.

The Suzuki Swift is the most high-priced model of Suzuki vehicles in Pakistan, costing PKR 4960000.0.

The Suzuki Mehran, which costs PKR 300000.0, is the Suzuki model with the lowest price in Pakistan.

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BMW Cars Reviews 2023


The overall rating of BMW Cars is 4.0/5.0 based on:

Fuel Economy
Value for Money
Overall Condition

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