Tesla Semi ​

Tesla Semi Prices

7.2 - 9.5 crore
seat capacity
Body Type
Fuel capacity
Fuel Less

Tesla Semi Specifications

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Price Rs. 7.2 - 9.5 crore
Color White, Black, Gray, Multi colors
Make by Tesla
Model Semi Truck
Body Type SUVs
Mile Range Approximately 300 or 500 miles
Dimension (L*W*H) ---
Transmission Automatic
Energy Consumption Less than 2 kWh per mile
Powertrain 3 independent motors on rear axles
Fuel Savings Up to $200,000 over 3 years
0-60 mph 20 seconds
Speed Up a 5% Grade Highway speed limit/h
Mileage 500 miles
Seat Capacity 2
Kerb Weight 37,000 KG
Doors 2

Tesla Semi Overview

Three carbon-fiber-wrapped motors give the Tesla Semi three times the power of conventional diesel semi trucks while using only 1.7 kWh/mi (1.1 kW/km) of energy every mile. While the other two motors supply extra power for acceleration and up hills, one motor runs continually at maximum efficiency.

In the cab, the driver’s seat is in the middle. An adult is able to stand up due to the ceiling. There are no additional instrument panels; instead, touchscreen screens are mounted on each side of the steering wheel.

It has the same array of cameras as Tesla’s passenger cars. According to Tesla, its safety system can stop jackknifing.

Compared to Tesla’s conventional 400 volt system, the Tesla Semi features a 1,000 volt power train and charging system, but Tesla also plans to expand this capability to 1,500 volts. Charging will be supported at a new generation of Tesla vehicle charging infrastructure called the Tesla Megacharger.

Tesla Semi FAQs

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